by Slushies

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recorded in Bed-Stuy/Bushwick Summer 2014 by Joey Diesel. leeaaannnn.bandcamp.com


released October 13, 2014

all tracks by Slushies:

Tom - Drums
Joe - Bass + Vox
Alex - Guitars + Vox

Joe McCarthy of Senators plays harmonica on tracks 1 and 4.

Hear his music here: senatorsband.bandcamp.com

Art by Evan Goodman: summer-hand.com

Mastered by Alex Saltz: www.apsmastering.com



all rights reserved


Slushies New York, New York

garbage music for garbage people

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Track Name: Silent
i wanted to be silent
i wanted to be free
i'm living like the devil
at the bottom of the sea

if god was above me
tell me, how would i behave?
i wouldn't want to fight him
but i wouldn't want to be his slave

and i can't be hiding
the way i feel right now
always lost inside of it
the devil drags me down
Track Name: Shake Baby
i got the best in town
but my girl is coming down
and i'm too high to hear her crying

i got the best around
but my girl is on the ground
and i'm too high to watch her dying

shake baby shake
shake baby shake for me
shake baby shake it on the sidewalk

on the sidewalk, baby shake for me
Track Name: Heaven / Hell
can't lose this lovely feeling
that i got for you
i'm crawling on the ceiling
you split my brain in two

i don't know why
i feel this way about you baby
but i can't live without you
girl you drive me crazy

and all i ever wanted was to be a wanted man
standing at the crossroads with a shotgun in my hand
but i all i do each night is get on my knees and pray
i hang my head in sorrow and wait for judgement day

well babe am i dreaming, or could this be heaven?
well babe am i dreaming, or could this be hell?
well babe am i dreaming, or could this be heaven?
well i'd say that i'm dreaming, but i know it too well

i know it too well, and i can't be your mother
i don't want to be your father
i can't stand to be your sister
the holy ghost has finally wished you farewell
Track Name: R.W.
always walking home with my head down at the end of the day
always staring holes in the ceiling just for something to say
i can't abide it baby
i got it bad
there's always something in the way

every day slips into the next and i'm still out of place
feeling like a scrawl on the wall that has just been erased
i can't abide it baby
i got it bad
there's always something in the way
Track Name: Lodid
i keep my head up, i try to ignore
but you're always baby on my mind
when i black out and bang on the door
then i know you're gonna treat me unkind

god made me the way that i am
i got sins spilling out of my sleeve
so if you're leaving baby i understand
i'm just not sure i got the strength to believe

i keep my head down and stare at the floor
gonna grab a gun and go down south
i'll kill a lawman, lord, down in the valley
keep a bag of diamonds in my mouth

and it's so hard baby hard to believe
that it's only ever gonna get worse
so keep a couple tricks up your sleeve
keep a derringer stashed in your purse