American Demons

by Slush

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Sotos_Heavy_Dalga non-stop groove and lo-fi aesthetics, punk mood and nice stories \m/ Favorite track: Death Valley.
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Fuzz FM - Stoner Rock Radio I made the mistake of jamming along with a few of the songs from this album...and now every time I pickup a guitar my fingers refuse to play anything other than the riff on "Bathysphere". So friggin' solid! Favorite track: Bathysphere.
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released February 11, 2016

Art by Roxanne Bockius:

Mastered by Alex Saltz (APS Mastering)

Recorded by Joey D





all rights reserved


Slushies New York, New York

garbage music for garbage people

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Track Name: Lou Garou
i'm crawling down the alley
looking for some time to kill
i walked that lonesome valley
drank moonshine in them hills

i crawled out of the bayou
walked up Missouri way
at night when I'm beside you
in my sleep you hear me say

"give me your money honey,
i'm the king of the swamp!"
and i know, i know
i'm the king of the swamp
Track Name: In The Flesh
i want to escape to the place down below
down south in the dust where the mescaline grows

my hands are shaking in judgment
can't sleep, i'm a demon possessed
can't wait til you're down on your knees
and then i'll meet you in the flesh
Track Name: Suzerain
rainbow dripper, in the alley
blowing your life away
stained-glass slipper on a long tall Sally
snorting that cheap cocaine

well i can't see you when i'm on my knees
Lord, can't you hear me wail?
sell me out to the thought police
i'm spending the night in jail
ah, the Suzerain!

meth teeth grinning in the pouring rain
ah, ain't getting paid
ex-priest sinning for that love in vain
ah, ain't getting laid
Track Name: Iron Mountain
on Iron Mountain, dead bodies gleam
i caught em dancing in the night
i couldn't count em, too many men to dream
atop the pyramid of light

mama, don't cry for me
mama, the mountain king won't set me free

in crystal desert, dead armies dragged me down
there's no escaping from the law
beneath the mountain, i spoke immortal names
hoping the gods would hear my call

on Iron Mountain, can't hear me scream
the god who saved me down below
i trussed and bound him, now i'm the Mountain King
but still my body feeds the crows
Track Name: Silk Road
take the silk road down
til you're 6 feet in the ground
suicide disciples
we're hell and leather bound

wrap me up in linen
take me down below
still i ain't done sinning
give me whiskey and some blow

in outer space, the moon can't hear me screaming
and so i'm crying all the time
i'm out of place, the moonshine's got me reeling
and so i'm crying all the time

i'm a dead-eyed pharaoh
crawling back through time
til i hit the limelight
til i'm in my prime
Track Name: Bathysphere
i am the aquanaut asleep beneath the waves
i drank that bitter cup that put me in my grave
inside this bathysphere my soul has turned to rust
from phoenix flame to ash, from angel wing to dust

they dredged the wine-black sea in search of all my bones
over the centuries my flesh had turned to stone
colossus that i was, they tore me limb from limb
rebuilt in chthonic halls, i finally walk again

the blazing sun evaporates me
throw my bones back into the sea
Atlantis seeks to know her destroyer
revenant of her champion warrior
Track Name: Death Valley
lying awake cause Death Valley's in bloom
and i can't close my eyes
watching the stones sail across the sand
watching the days pass me by

got cold, got called to the throne
waited for stars to align
this labyrinth suits me, i call it my home
and watch for the flash of a knife

desert sky
gets me high
every night
i try to fix my head

down on the street watch the caravan pass
penitents, they cry
Babylon's burning, the sand turns to glass
rivers of blood turn to wine

so long, i've been hiding so long
hiding from wandering eyes
the sins of the father, the stain on the throne
the blasphemy of the divine